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Disney = my childhood [17 Nov 2011|05:26pm]
[ mood | busy ]

What is your favorite Disney movie?

Nursing School... [23 Oct 2011|04:48pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

... the hardest thing I've ever tried to "be a part of" in my entire lifehood. I feel the need to write at this moment - not because I'm sad, angry, hurt, frustrated - well, okay - frustrated, I am. But, nothing on the crazy side like it can be.

I'm 27, almost 28 old. I'm ready to feel like I can move into and enjoy my adulthood. But, I feel like I cannot move physical forward until I pass this block I have which is getting into an actual school. Yeah, I'm on the two-year waitlist for my community college, but by the time I even get a chance to be accepted, I'll damn well be 30 or be pretty fucking closeto it. And to me, that isn't good enough.

So, here I am... looking into other schools that require 'magic' grades and insane GPAs. And here I sit, looking at my poorly 2.72 GPA thinking of what a fuck up I am and just hoping that someone sees past my 'C's and sees that IT'S OKAY TO BE AVERAGE. My GPA doesn't measure what a great fucking nurse I'll be, it just measures how fucking bored I was of taking all these bullshit classes.

I just would like someone to call and say, "Yes, we would love to have you a part of our school, congrats." Or something else along those lines. Therefore, on Thursday night when the moon is full, I'm lighting a candle, saying a little prayer of hope and sit back, visualize and wait for something to manifest.

Wish me luck.


Can't sleep... [08 Aug 2009|04:17am]
[ mood | melancholy ]

... and I hate myself for it. These horrific hours are killing me and my social life - well, I really don't have a social life anyways. *sighs*

Is it weird that I'm 25 and still feel like a helpless 16 year old? It's fucking ridiculous, isn't it? My mom is still on my back about school and my boy issues. i can't seem to manage my bills or clean my ruddy apartment. I hate my cat as much as I love him. And, I have a girl crush on patz, and I'm emo 'cause stew is probably banging the shit out of him as we speak.

See what I fucking mean?

Really, I worry about all this petty shit and I can't help it. And that makes me feel like a bad fucking person. Why can't I just get my shit together? Aah! Good news though. Karla is almost finished with ATOTE and I think my part is amazing and her's... blows me the fuck away. We need to publish something - soon. I love that woman to death.

Ah, well... nothing's changed. I feel like towards the end of summer, I'll be moving backwards. I feel that by moving backwards and erasing some of my mistakes (not all, sadly) that maybe, I can be happier - if not happier, maybe in a happier place. Oh well, here's to hoping and praying.

I love myself and my rants. And, patz when he's not banging stew.


Sorry. [19 Sep 2007|07:52pm]
This journal is dead. I have no time to update it nor any motivation either. Same goes with my HP community. Sorry guys. :/

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